News Letter:
Dear Parents, Students, Musicians and Friends,
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Art Partners Studio
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The Barbara Berry Foundation
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Brandywine YMCA
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Dear Parents, Students, Musicians and Friends,
    Build-A-Band Music Education Student Concert Wednesday December 13th.
    Build-A-Band Music Education to host OPEN HOUSE on Sunday November 12th from 3:00 to 5:00 in the Benner Building at 545 Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, Pa. 
    Free Live Music by Three And One Band with an Open Mic in the auditorium.
    Free Workshops include:
 Open Jam Circle - hosted by John Fuhr
Recording and Songwriting -  hosted by Donterell McDuffie 

Dear Parents, Students, Musicians and Friends,
    Build-A-Band Music Education is grateful to all of our Partners, Sponsors and Former Students for supporting our work in Coatesville. 
    Learning to play an instrument is a luxury that not all can afford. I know, as a single parent raising two daughters, working two and three jobs to pay the bills and put food on the table, believe me, I know. Music lessons and buying an instrument to practice on is still a luxury for many families. 
    Thank you Partners, Sponsors and Former Students for helping me do what I Love, teach music! We served over 70 students last Winter and Spring. New Funding will allow us to teach over 400 students this Fall! Thank You!

Dear Parents, Students, Musicians and Friends,

     Build-A-Band Music Education is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas.  I am in the process of separating the two businesses.

     Lisa Wolfe Music, LLC will continue as a for profit business that is limited to my intellectual property, books, CD's, Build-A-Band, Teacher Manuals, songs I wrote and stuff I created.

    Build-A-Band Music Education, Inc. is a non profit fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas. It can receive donations and grants from foundations and people to support our mission to teach music in underserved communities. It will be the day to day operations of teaching students music lessons, Build-A-Band program, Summer Music Camps and Concerts both for students and well known acts. 

    My web site and Facebook pages will change to reflect these  changes. Both Lisa Wolfe Music, LLC and Build-A-Band Music  Education, Inc will be open to the public. You will be invited to visit and  like both businesses.

    Please join me in celebrating a revitalization of the Build-A-Band  program! Thank you for your support! Lets have fun!

     Please consider funding us to help create music opportunities! At

Located at :  

Build-A-Band Music Education, Inc
Benner Building 2nd Floor Room 202
545 Lincoln Highway
Coatesville, Pa 19320